Our Eu Project Called Support to Choose Future Accepted

Our EU project, whose full name is “Development of the Joint Agency Coaching and Mentoring System for Supporting Vocational Education Students in the Decision-Making Process for the Future” has been accepted. After the acceptance of the project,  Hakkari University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer PAKİŞ  and the project team came together. The project team expressed its thanks to Mr. PAKİŞ for his guidance, value to projects and importance and support to academic staff, administrative staff and students.  The "Support to Future" project, prepared by Hakkari University Continuous Education Application and Research Center Deputy Director Ali Can GÖZCÜ and contributed by Social Innovation Developing Experiences for all Sides (SIDES) and the Center for Work and Social Security Education and Research (ÇASGEM), was one of 30 projects accepted from 239 projects evaluated within the scope of ERASMUS+ Vocational Education Strategic Partnerships Projects for 2020.

Our project, which has been awarded 242,762 Euros in grant support, will last 30 months.

In the project to be conducted by Hakkari University; Europa Training (UK) LTD (England), Drustvo Za Razvijanje Prostovoljnega Dela Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Netherlands, Social Innovation Developing Experiences for all Sides (Italy), Labor and Social Security Training and Research Center and Turkey Expert Coaches Association also participate.