The Introductory Meeting of Support to Choose Future Project was Held

To the meeting held on 19 January 2021 in the Rectorate Conference Hall of our University, Our Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Pakiş,  Deputy Governor Mustafa Emre Kılıç, Head of Labor and Social Security Education and Research Center Kenan Yavuz,  Secretary General Dr. Faculty Member Yusuf Ersalı, directors of institutions and academicians of our university attended.

Our rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Pakiş  who made an opening speech  at the meeting said: “There are many things to be done in different units and in different areas in terms of projects, but the important thing is to follow a path about those projects correctly. Our friends have followed a good path that our project is one of the 30 accepted projects.  Our project is in the 6th place. We can reach our goal with the right methods and efforts. There is an occupational peace problem all over the world and including our country. I mean, people put in a lot of effort, spend a lot of time and arrive a point. But unfortunately, they do not like that job they have and cannot find what they want in their job. When it comes to such a point, the person starts to produce problems, while they must solve both the problems related to themselves and their environment. Occupational peace is important in this sense. I hope this project will open a window to our city, our children living in our city, to our country and to the world, and I thank everyone who contributed to this project."

Deputy Governor Mustafa Emre Kılıç stated that: “I think it is necessary for children to receive education about their career choices and to be directed in this way from childhood. In this sense, we have seen that especially in Hakkari province, our young people are heavily interested in education and training. At a time when many of our students are confused about their future choises, the fact that such a project is being implemented under the leadership of our Hakkari University, especially in our Hakkari province, and having a large number of stakeholders at home and abroad will add plus value to our city."

Kenan Yavuz, Head of the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services Security Education Research Center (ÇASGEM) said: “Last year we did a research called ‘Incompatible Match’. In the research we saw that; there are job vacancies in Turkey. There is a job demand, there is a job supply, but there is also a job vacancy. The reason for this is that there is a mismatch in the harmony of qualifications and skills.  In this context, we actually have programs to train these brothers and sisters through online distance education by preparing modules for their families and educators that determine their business and educational trends with the latest up-to-date methods of this project. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project." 

While our university CEC(Continuing Education Center) Director, who made an opening speech, Ekrem Yaşar Akçay gave information about how much budget the project received and emphasized the sustainability of the project, Instructor Member Ali Can Gözcü gave information about the purpose of the project and the activities to be carried out.  In addition,  from Hakkari University project team  Dr. Instructor Member Halil Emre DENİŞ,  Instructor Member  Yunus EROĞLU, Instructor Member  Cumhur DEMİRALP, Instructor Member Murat GÖZÜBÜYÜK Instructor Member Mehmet ŞENTÜRK contributed to the meeting with simultaneous translation and organizational support.

At the end of the meeting, our partners who attended the meeting online due to the pandemic, Drustvo Za Razvıjanje Prostovoljnega Dela Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Netherlands, Social Innovation Developing Experiences for all Sides (Italy), Labor and Social Security Training and Research Center, Turkey Expert Coaches Association representatives, and project team members shared their wishes.