General Secretariat
The Secretary General is the head of the Administrative Department of the University and responsible for the department’s works against the Rector. Secretary General is the reporter member of the Senate and the Board of Directors without any rights to vote.
Secretary General;
  • Ensuring effective, regular and harmonious operations of units in administrative organization of the university,
  • Recording down the decisions made in these councils, ensuring storing and maintaining of the decisions,
  • Forwarding decisions of Senate and Board of Directors of the University to the units bound to university,
  • Conducting correspondences of the Rectorate.
Deputy Secretary General;
  • To assist the Secretary General to ensure efficient, regular and harmonious operation of administrative units of the university,
  • To ensure that other works under the responsibility of the Secretary General are carried out in proxy of the General Secretaryship.
  • To carry out duties given by the Secretary General or have them done within the framework of laws, ordinances and regulations.

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Yusuf ERSALI

Vice Secretary General

1130 - 1404

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Feridun ALP

Deputy Secretary General


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