Rector´s Message
Dear the Youth, Bright Future of our Country,

Universities are places where information as the most effective power today is produced, developed and shared. We bear the responsibility of a holy and honorable task to ensure that our youth is educated as modern, qualified, self-confident and productive adults.
For our country to play an active and leading role in the developing world, we have to create well-trained human resources and educate them.
In this context, one of our main objectives in our university is to educate students coming to our university in the best possible way.
In this regard, our source of inspiration is John Dewey’s words “The future of our civilization is dependent on spreading and deepening of our scientific thinking habits.”.

Universities carry out studies in fields that rise on R&D, education-training and social responsibility. As a thinker says, “A way leading without knowledge has a dark end”.Therefore, it is our biggest goal to make our dear youth love science and teach them science as long as they are in our university.
One of the primary goals of educational institutions is to prepare young people for life. Individuals who graduate by achieving necessary knowledge and skills will make significant contributions to society’s success. For this purpose, in addition to our curriculum suitable for National Qualifications within the scope of the Bologna process in our University, exchange programs such as Erasmus, Farabi and Rumi, also optional English Preparatory Program offer important opportunities for our students to prepare for life and become integrated with the world. Hope that our future be better than our present...
Prof. Dr. Ömer PAKİŞ