Public Announcement

The Jewish Nation State Act, adopted in the Israeli Parliament, conflicts with universal legal principles and the legal and moral system of the United Nations. With this law, the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel are ignored, Arabic is taken out of the official language status, Jerusalem occupied by Israel is declared as the capital city, while the right to return to the Palestinians removed from their places in 1948 is not granted the right to return to Jews living in different parts of the world. Nationals are encouraged to register illegal immigrants. On the other hand, defining the right to self-determination as a right for Judaism is not acceptable to Jewish citizens who have a belief in co-existence and settlement, co-existence, not just for Palestinians.
We condemn the law, which was adopted by the Israeli Parliament as Hakkâri University, aiming at the preparation of the legal ground for the occupation and unlawful practices which are actually carried out in Palestine, and the removal of the vision of a two-state solution. We invite Israel to be respectful of fundamental human rights, international law and United Nations principles.
Professor Dr. Omer PAKİŞ