About us
Cigarette, alcohol and substance use has been one of the most important health problems in recent years and is increasing in our country. In addition, smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death. The use of these substances is not only for the user; Since it also affects the family and society, it causes many social, legal and economic problems as well as health problems.
For this reason, our commission aims to minimize the risk of non-addicted individuals entering the addiction process as part of the fight against addiction. For this purpose, it raises awareness in the society by organizing various seminars, panels and conferences in the fields of cigarette addiction, alcohol addiction, substance abuse and healthy living.
In addition, our university aims to raise the level of awareness on this issue by organizing various activities with its students, enabling them to take an active role in the fight against addiction.
Within the scope of cooperation with Hakkari Provincial Commission on Combating Addiction, our commission organizes trainings for trainers at the Youth Center and Provincial Directorate of Sports, Family Support Center, Credit and Hostels Institution, Mufti and Public Education Centers in the center and districts of our province.